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Wedding Styling For Grooms

groomAre you tying the knot this year?

Traditionally it’s the Grooms’ job to ensure his Best Man and Groomsmen are suited and booted...


Some men rise to the challenge of dressing their attendants. But 20 years experience as a tailoring advisor/personal shopper has led me to believe the majority of men would rather watch the match than go shopping!
So for those of you who hate shopping for clothes, in a few hours we promise, you can purchase what would normally take you days of shopping to find.
In any case time is precious. That’s why we listen and take notes during the free consultation so that we can plan ahead.

We do however, like to take time to get to know you and understand yourstyle, so we can help you find the perfect outfit. If your wedding has a theme or colour scheme, fabric swatches are useful. Town or country, mountain or beach, we can always work wellies or flip flops into the dress code! As well as having a great eye for colour and detail, we are particularly good at finding styling solutions for Big and Tall Men. Tailoring alterations, if required, are an integral part of our styling/shopping service.  Skilfully done they can transform an off the peg suit, giving it more of a made to measure look.
Our aim is to help you look and feel the best you can. Our name will be on the card in your jacket pocket as a guarantee we won’t let you down on one of the most important days of your life.

So, as well as looking the bees’ knees, you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in your chosen outfit and really enjoy your wedding day!


suitPreparation is the key. It may take one or two half-day shopping trips, depending on the number of people in your party.  This can’t be avoided, so we’ll try and make it fun! The good part is, as it’s your big day, you get to choose what to wear. Everyone else has to fall in with your wishes! If you know what you want we’ll help you source it. If you need some inspiration, we have plenty of ideas. In fact we’re passionate about what we do and we love a challenge!

Don’t Forget: the benefit of buying a suit means it can be altered to fit you and can be worn for many other occasions. It represents better value than a hire suit and the memories attached are priceless. 

We’ll not forget to stick to your budget and wherever possible anticipate genuine promotions to help the budget go further. 

Did we mention the absolute relief that everyone’s suits, shirts and even ties (knotted if required) will be ready weeks before the big day –so no last minute panic! We like knots in ties not in stomachs!!!


With a route planned and shopping list in hand we can quickly steer you through the multitude of choices  available on the high street. When sometimes it’s difficult making a decision-two heads are better than one. AND because we’re expert at shopping we can pass on a few expert styling tips to give you the edge.


Our styling service is very affordable at £40 per hour.


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