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Styling Tips

Accessorise Your Business Wardrobe

10 Attention Grabbing Accessories to Enhance Your Outfit

  • SILK TIES: Authoritative, flamboyant or sophisticated, a tie can make or break an outfit...choose it well and wear it well.

  • BELTS:  A quality leather belt should always match or tone with your shoes.

  • CUFF LINKS:  complement a crisp double cuffed formal shirt with a pair of stylish modern links.

  • BRIEF CASES:  Satchels, on-trend messenger bags or laptop cases; select fine grain leather for good looks and practicality. They are a worthwhile investment.

  • WATCHES:  Eye catching and “timeless”.  Add a bit of tasteful flavour with a large face watch.

  • EYEWEAR: So what if it’s not hot outside, a pair of designer sunglasses always look cool.

  • COLOGNE:  Masculine clean scents or heavier, musky fragrances. Don’t leave home without a spritz of cologne.

  • POCKET SQUARES:  Add a splash of colour and a dash of style to any suit with a silk handkerchief.

  • SCARVES:  As well as being practical a scarf is an excellent way to introduce a shot of colour to the base colours of blue, brown, grey and black. Luxury cashmere and silk scarves work well with business or formal attire, while washed linen can pull together a smart casual outfit.

  • SHOES:  More of a necessity than an accessory, footwear is definitely an area you can experiment with. Comfort and style are paramount and if the budget allows start your shoe search here in the UK. The shoe makers of Northampton are renowned for producing some seriously stylish shoes as well as the great classics.

“The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.Mark Twain


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