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Beverley has been my personal stylist for a number of years. She gets it right every time, knows what's in, what works.
First class service, saving me serious time, a great investment. You only get one chance to make a lasting first impression...
Andrew Farley

Do's and don'ts of ties

Do accept that buying and wearing ties with style requires effort and thought.

Don’t delegate the job of choosing your ties to anyone else unless they have exceptional taste.

Do try to buy shirts and ties together for a cohesive look.

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap polyester ties; printed or woven silk are well worth the extra investment

Do ensure that when tied properly the tip of the tie should come to your belt and buckle (standard length of a tie is 56”/140cm – 57”/142cm long).

Do learn to knot ties properly, changing the knot type to suit the style of your shirt collar.

Don’t overcomplicate shirt and tie combinations. If not confident with colours and patterns, keep it simple.

Five good reasons to see a personal stylist

You are stuck in a rut and want to change, but unsure how.

You find there’s too much choice and you haven’t the time to spend looking.

Large department stores generally offer better value for money but there’s often a lack of knowledgeable staff on hand.

Because your height makes it difficult to find well fitting clothes.

Shopping for clothes is simply not your strength; but you would like to look as if it is!

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